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AHA Releases Its Hospital Leadership Guide to Digital & Social Media

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.50.13 PMThe AHA and its Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) recently released a “Hospital Leadership Guide to Digital and Social Media Engagement,” which aims to provide information and best practices for using social media from the health care provider perspective.

The guide was designed to help explain the possibilities of using digital media to manage patient experience in the hospital setting. “From connecting with community members and potential patients before they arrive at your doorstep to managing their care transitions after they leave – social media can help.” (Source: A Hospital Leadership Guide to Digital & Social Media Engagement, American Hospital Association)

According to the press release from the AHA, “It is important to understand the various implications of using social media as they relate to, among other issues, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and employee and human resource considerations. As technology changes, so too will the options and availability of new resources for social engagement. This guide will provide you with the tools necessary to implement, manage and make informed decisions about the professional use of social media, no matter the current trend. While this guide is not meant to be an exhaustive resource, we hope it will serve as a blueprint for effective ways to engage online.”

I was contacted by the AHA about a week ago, letting me know that my blog (The Healthcare Marketer) would be listed on the Guide’s resource page. I was also exciting to see that they included the Thought Leaders Project: Hospital Marketing (2011) book on their list of resources. I was fortunate to work on that project with the editor, Brian Bierbaum, and contributed a chapter on the future of service line marketing. They also included my friend Jim Rattray’s blog in the list of resources, along with several others that I follow (Feedback blog, Health Populi, Not Running a Hospital, GeoVoices).

Here’s a link to the AHA announcement about the Hospital Leadership Guide to Digital and Social Media Engagement.

2 comments on “AHA Releases Its Hospital Leadership Guide to Digital & Social Media

  1. Katherine Coe

    I am working toward a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Social Marketing, which is often confused with social MEDIA marketing. Social marketing does often employ social media, but is itself focused on motivating a target audience to make behavior changes. Now, however, I am interested in entering the field of healthcare marketing. My Bachelor’s degree is in English and I have no real marketing experience, but I am torn as to whether it is worthwhile to finish my MPH – Social Marketing degree. I’d really appreciate any feedback on whether those public health and social marketing skills can be transferrable to healthcare marketing.

    • dandunlop

      Hi Katherine,
      I would say that public health and social marketing experience/knowledge are becoming even more relevant in healthcare marketing given the importance of population health management. Your experience and education should be highly relevant – more so in the near future. Thanks for asking!

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