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Health Is Primary

Last Thursday I had the good fortune to attend the “Health Is Primary” event in Raleigh, NC. Health Is Primary is a three-year communications campaign to advocate for the values of primary care and drive patient activation. The event on Thursday was part of their road show that is visiting cities across the county. Next stop will be Chicago on May 19, 2015.

Health Is Primary is led by Family Medicine for America’s Health. It will use advertising, events, news media outreach, online communications, partnerships, and stakeholder outreach in an effort to transform perceptions and behavior around health and health care in America. They also seek to foster awareness and action to support the essential role of primary care. They want to take the necessary action to ensure that we can meet the nation’s health care needs and, ultimately, improve the health of every American.

Below is an infographic they shared within the packet of materials distributed at the event. It begins to tell the story of the importance of primary care.


I definitely recommend you check out the Health Is Primary website and learn more about this initiative.

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