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Patients’ Stories: Experts by Experience 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.03.16 AMMy friends at Inspire recently published a compilation of patients’ stories titled: Experts by Experience 2015. This is their third volume in a series that reproduces patients’ stories from Stanford Medicine’s Scope Blog.

Here’s quote by Benjamin Miller from the foreword to the collection:

“Sadly, the patient still is being asked to “come” to the system rather than the system come to them. But this is changing. Indeed, there is a revolution underway that places the patient in a more opportune position for influence. Communities bring their stories, stories connected to data, to begin to advocate for a new way of delivering healthcare. In fact, this compilation you are reading is part of that revolution.”

I encourage you to download Experts by Experience 2015, and spend time with it. Share it with your colleagues. Make your day a patient-centered day.

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