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Is That An Ambulance or a Barbie Van?

I like those moments when I am reminded to not take myself and my work so seriously. This healthcare marketing work can be intense – and I let it take on an even higher level of intensity.

It was so refreshing the other day when my friend and client, Jennifer Wilson, posted a photo of her daughter touring an ambulance while they were attending a health fair. Here’s the post:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.33.09 PM

The next day, while I was on a conference call with Jennifer, I mentioned how cute Anna Grace looked posing in the ambulance. In the ensuing conversation, Jennifer told me that Anna Grace took a lot of time looking around the ambulance and asked the EMT nearly 20 questions about different things she observer. Then, when Jennifer and Anna Grace left the ambulance and had time together, Anna Grace had an important observation to share with her mother: She said that the interior of  the ambulance looked just like the inside of her Barbie Van. Isn’t that awesome? In the naive world of this 5-year-old, the ambulance is on par with her Barbie Van. Why not?

Remember, Barbie Vans are cool to some little girls. I know they were cool to my daughter when she was that age. (She would never admit that today.) I guarantee you that Anna Grace was thrilled when she first received her Barbie Van. And undoubtedly, she was intrigued by the ambulance. The comparison to her Barbie Van means that the ambulance made an impact. The way I look at the world, there’s an ad concept in there somewhere!

This experience reminds me that in marketing, simple solutions are often the best solutions. Yes, we begin with complex challenges, but our job is to develop solutions that are profound in their simplicity. Sometimes that requires stepping back and seeing things through a child’s eyes.

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