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A Heart Attack Personified – 2015

It is Heart Month and my clients at Lexington Medical Center are attacking heart disease with everything they’ve got.

The latest television spot in the hospital’s “I Am A Heart Attack” series (this is now the third annual) is a gripping account of three individuals having heart attacks, while encouraging viewers to learn more about the risk factors for heart disease.

Part of the hospital’s new “Just Say Know to Heart Disease” campaign, the commercial directs people to a dedicated microsite where they can take a quiz that tests their knowledge about heart disease. The site also helps viewers find a physician or schedule a speaker about heart disease.

The team at Lexington Medical Center firmly believes that knowledge is one of our best weapons in the fight against heart disease. The “Just Say Know” campaign emphasizes the importance of knowing your risk factors, knowing how to lower your risk and knowing when to call your physician.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 5.33.34 PMThe campaign also places special emphasis on women’s heart health and uses the national symbol of a red dress as part of its imagery. To celebrate American Heart Month and the launch of the new heart-health campaign, the hospital is distributing red dress lapel pins for employees to wear at work. Beginning next week, employees will receive pins shaped like red dresses that feature the “Just Say Know” campaign theme.

In addition to a dedicated microsite, the marketing campaign includes brochures, banners and signage on the LMC campus, advertising, social media promotion and community educational presentations on heart disease. It should be apparent by now that the team at Lexington Medical Center doesn’t do anything halfway. When they get behind an initiative, the go all out!

If you’d like to view the entire “I Am A Heart Attack” series of commercials, click here. Enjoy!

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