What Is A Hospitalist?

In the past I’ve written about the temptation in healthcare marketing to avoid messaging about hospitalists or hospital medicine. Because there’s confusion and a lack of knowledge around the terms, many choose to avoid educating consumers about hospitalists and all that they do for patients and families. That is unfortunate. Check out this post I wrote in November 2013.

The Society of Hospital Medicine (a client of mine) has a vested interested in creating understanding around the role of the hospitalist. This is particularly important when communicating with med students who may choose to become hospitalists. Here’s a video SHM produced to explain the role of the hospitalist. Although this was not produced for healthcare consumers, much of the messaging could be beneficial. Enjoy!

If you’re not familiar with The Society of Hospital Medicine, it is the only organization solely dedicated to hospital medicine. It is their mission to promote the highest quality care for hospitalized patients, as well as provide opportunities and support to hospitalists. They are committed to enhancing the practice of hospital medicine by promoting education, research and advocacy. SHM’s membership is comprised of over 11,000 hospitalists with more than an estimated 40,000 in the hospitalist profession.

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