For me, a huge benefit of attending conferences is the opportunity to network with peers and to make new connections. For those of you attending the 2014 Conference of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society, here’s a list of 10 people I recommend meeting. Seek them out. These are really nice people and top notch heatlhcare marketers!

  • Chad Campbell & Jeff McPherson, SilverTech – These guys came all the way from Manchester, NH to take part in this conference! @ChadCampbell119 @jmcpherson @SilverTech
  • Janet Kennedy, Get Social Health – I’ve known Janet online for some time, but met her in person for the first time yesterday morning. @jkennedy93 @GetSocialHealth
  • Mike Dowd, Jennings – Mike is one of my co-workers and a great guy to know. Just don’t get him started talking about craft beer! @MichaelPDowd @JenningsHealth
  • Joel Cessna, Medicom Health Interactive – Joel is a friend. He traveled from Minnesota to attend the CHPRMS conference. Show him some love! @JoelCessna
  • Dean Browell & Jeff Thompson, Feedback – My friends from Feedback, Dean and Jeff, have traveled from Richmond to attend the CHPRMS Conference. @dbrowell @feedbackagency
  • Jennifer Wilson, Lexington Medical Center – Jennifer is part of a marketing and PR team at LMC that does remarkable work. They won the national Pink Glove Dance Video competition two years in a row! These people can do anything. Be sure to introduce yourself to Jennifer. She’s a PR rock star, a friend and a Jennings client.
  • Brooke Hynes, Tufts Medical Center – Brooke traveled from Boston (as did I) to present at the conference. She’s sharing the story of her PR team’s experience with the Boston Marathon Bombing. You’ll find that she is an amazingly astute marketer and communicator.
  • Dan Miers, SPM Marketing – Dan and I travel the healthcare marketing conference circuit together. He’s speaking at the CHPRMS Conference. Dan is a really smart guy. I hope you were able to attend his presentation on Wednesday.

Enjoy the conference and make some new connections! And, I encourage you to come up and introduce yourself to me. I’m Dan Dunlop – @dandunlop.

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