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Video: Stop the Heartbreak of Spontaneous Coronary Cartery Dissection

My friend John Novack, who works for Inspire.com, sent me a link to this awesome video from the SCAD Alliance. The Scad Alliance exists to facilitate collaborations among specialists to improve the diagnosis, care and outcomes of Spontaneous Coronary Artery Disease. Years ago I met some of the amazing women behind the SCAD Alliance at a Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit. The women I met were Katherine Leon and Laura Haywood-Cory, and the story of how they came together and organized a movement on behalf of SCAD patients was truly remarkable. Their efforts led to “patient-initiated research” at Mayo Clinic. (You can read more in a report by Inspire titled “SCAD Ladies Stand Up.”) Today, Katherine Leon serves on the board of directors of the organization. When I met them I was so moved by all that they had accomplished, I wrote a blog post in an attempt to share their story within the healthcare marketing community. Here’s a link to that post.

The SCAD ladies have come a long way since I first met them in 2o11. They have their Alliance with a Board of Directors, a Scientific Advisory Board and even a  Tweet-Chat. Now they’ve produced this fun video that educates people about the symptoms of SCAD. The reality is that the symptoms are overlooked and SCAD patients are often misdiagnosed. I invited you to watch the video and share the SCAD story with friends!

1 comment on “Video: Stop the Heartbreak of Spontaneous Coronary Cartery Dissection

  1. Thank you Dan! We certainly appreciate your support of SCAD Alliance and the work underway to accurately diagnose, treat, and improve outcomes for patients (and families!) struck by spontaneous coronary artery dissection. You are one of many special people who have contributed to our success — thank you very much!

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