Earlier today I published a blog post highlighting 10 people you should meet at SHSMD14. Truthfully, there are hundreds of interesting people attending this conference. Because I do everything in excess, here’s a list of 10 more healthcare marketing professionals you should meet at the show.

  1. Colin Hung – One of the co-founders of the #HCLDR healthcare leaders Tweet Chat (Tuesday evening at 8:30 ET). If you’ve never sat in on this Twitter Chat, you should!  @Colin_Hung
  2. Dean Browell – Dean is one of the smartest guys I know. A Principal at Feedback. @Dbrowell
  3. Moses Hohman – Principal of Human Practice. Moses is an entrepreneur and digital health innovator. Most importantly, he’s a friend. Visit his booth. @humanpractice
  4. Carla Bryant  – Corrigan Partners – Carla is a marketing specialist/strategist and principal at Corrigan. I am fond of the entire team at Corrigan. (You’ll also want to meet Lisa Burris!) @cjbryant
  5. Lisa Schiller – Vice President, Marketing & PR, Rex Healthcare. For several years now Lisa has been doing amazing work with her team at Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, NC. This is one of the brands that is near and dear to my heart. A former client.
  6. Guy McClurkan – Chief Operating Officer, Spirit Health Group – Guy will be facilitating a session at 4pm today. He’s a sharp dresser and has a wealth of healthcare experience. Don’t let his youthful good looks fool you!
  7. Jeff Steblea – VP, Market Street Research – Jeff runs  a market research firm based in Northampton, MA. They know healthcare and deal with some of the top brands in the industry. Together, we just completed a comprehensive brand assessment for a health system in Massachusetts. Market Street’s work was exceptional.
  8. Chad Campbell – Chad does digital strategy and business development for Silvertech – a digital lifecycle agency. You’ll have to ask Chad what that means! I just know that they build websites. @ChadCampbell119
  9. Mike Dowd – Manager of Business Development at Jennings (my firm). Mike just joined our firm about a month ago. He worked previously with Press Ganey. He is a lover of craft beer and that’s enough for me. @MichaelPDowd
  10. Brian Bierbaum – Vice President of Strategy, Bluespire Strategic Marketing – Brian is an author (The Thought Leaders Project: Hospital Marketing) and solid strategic thinker. He’s on the attendees list, but I have yet to run into him. Check out the BlueSpire booth and ask if Brian’s around.
  11. Robin Goldsmith – Manager Strategic Partnerships, Everyday Health. I’m a fan of Everyday Health and have gotten to know Robin over the years. If you aren’t familiar with the company, you should check them out. @RobinEDH

Okay, that’s list #2. I couldn’t keep it to just 10 people. Now it’s up to you to seek them out and start making those connections!


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