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It’s Time To Talk About Hospice

Over the last several months I have come to know Hospice intimately. The role that these healthcare professional play at the end of life is beyond my comprehension, despite my recent experience as they cared for my father over the last three months of his life. These are remarkable people and they have my respect and gratitude; that includes the entire team of doctors, nurses, social workers and nursing assistants.

My firm recently completed a series of videos for Lower Cape Fear Hospice. This particular batch of videos introduces the remarkable physicians who have chosen to make hospice care the focus of their professional life. Creating these videos was an incredibly emotional experience for my crew and the physicians we interviewed. I’m extremely proud of the final product and I’m so pleased to be sharing these stories. Within our industry, we need to talk more openly about hospice care and end of life issues. Enjoy the videos.

3 comments on “It’s Time To Talk About Hospice

  1. Dan thank you for this. I’ve been posting and recently podcasting on the topic of hospice. My experience with hospice related to my wife’s admission and passing demonstrated the benefit first hand to me and I realized many have not shared in this service. Here is the link to my podcasts. I hope you and other find my thoughts and experiences beneficial.

    Hospice Intake

    Entering Hospice

    Hospice The End and Beyond

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