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Video Content to Humanize Your Healthcare Brand

We work in what should be a very human business – healthcare. Often it doesn’t live up to that. But in general, we should strive to make every point of contact with our organizations as human and personal as possible. That includes contact with our websites and other digital platforms. Nothing is better at doing that than well-produced video.

Last weekend I attended Southwestern Vermont Medical Center’s annual Harvest Ball. It is their big fundraiser of the year. We had recently shot a ton of video for SVMC capturing patient and employee stories, so we were able to repurpose some of that footage and use it in a compilation video for this event. The audience seemed to love it but I’ll let you be the judge of the end result.

Now that the video has been produced, it can be leveraged across numerous digital platforms including the hospital’s website, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Google+. It is not cheap to produce high quality videos, so the right thing to do is maximize your investment by putting that video on all your digital and social platforms. Ultimately, it will enrich the experience of visitors to those sites and help them to form a deeper understanding of your brand. That’s a good thing.

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