Marketing Nonsense

A week or two ago, published an infographic (below) comparing the effectiveness of email marketing to social media marketing. What? Really? You can’t compare those two. Yes, they are all digital marketing platforms, but they work in completely different ways and accomplish different objectives. It is like trying to compare the effectiveness of content marketing to outdoor advertising. Does anyone else see the problem with this? I’m a big fan of the folks at Ragan, but I really think they missed the mark on this one. (In truth, they didn’t produce the infographic; they simply shared it.) Check out the infographic below.


3 comments on “Marketing Nonsense

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  2. Kris Martin

    I appreciate that you actually read the infographic and processed it before you posted about it. I’m a content curator too, but I generally read and process what I share. I’m a Ragan fan too.

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