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Health Education Video: Lice, Lice, Baby

The administrators at my daughter’s school have a reputation for creating amazing videos for the purpose of communicating with students and parents. Last year one of their videos about inclement weather went viral with more than 5 million views.



Well today I received an email/health announcement from the school about head lice. It was your basic reminder that now that kids are back in school, a lice infestation can become a reality. At the bottom of the email message was a link to an education video that two of the administrators produced. It is highly entertaining. It reminds me of the health education videos that ZDoggMD produces. (If you don’t know of Dr. Zubin Damania, you need to check him out. I’m a fan.) The message here is: health education doesn’t have to be boring! Click here to check out the Durham Academy Health Announcement Video on YouTube. For some reason they blocked playback from other sites.


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