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Patient Story: Living With Diabetes, Part II

As healthcare marketers and communicators, we can all benefit from exposure to patient stories. The voice of the patient should be present in everything we do. The post below is a story told by Rachel Ventura, a blogger for Signature Healthcare’s Signature Moms Blog. She shares her story of living with diabetes. I love Rachel’s spirit, generosity and willingness to share with all of us.

Originally posted on Signature Moms:

By: Rachel Ventura

Rachel VenturaTo read Part 1 of Rachel’s journey to manage her diabetes, click here

Within the past year, I started experiencing hypoglycemia unawareness, which can happen to people who have had diabetes for a long time. In my case, it has been 20 years. Very scary stuff, especially with two little ones almost always with me.

Normally, when your blood sugar begins to get low, around 70, you can feel it. Many of you who do not have diabetes have experienced low blood sugar, or as it’s medically known, hypoglycemia. If you haven’t eaten or have done a lot of exercise, or in a diabetic’s case, taken too much insulin, you may begin to feel shaky, sweaty, weak and/or hungry. These are signs of hypoglycemia. You eat something or drink some juice, and your blood sugar goes up. You feel better. But what was happening to me, I…

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