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Video: I Took The ALS Awareness Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.40.12 PMMy friend, now former friend, Kelly Mello Woodsum, executive director of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications, tagged me earlier today to take the ALS Awareness Challenge: either donate $100 to ALS or create awareness by creating a video of a bucket of ice water being dumped over your head. Kelly wouldn’t let me go the donation route. This is about participating in a viral social media program to drive awareness for ALS, so $100 is the cheap way out.

See my amazing video below. Note that I used an elaborate 3 camera set up. Of course I did all my own shooting and editing. No crew. No hair and makeup. No grips. Not even an audio guy. Having completed the challenge myself, I now have taggged the following individuals to take the challenge because of the admiration I have for each of them: Chad Campbell, Julia Bowen Sorensen, Susan Radican McDonald, Nick Zaharias, Jim Rattray and Donald Jones. You must now face the challenge! #icebucketchallenge #ALSawareness

4 comments on “Video: I Took The ALS Awareness Challenge

  1. paigezinn

    Oh my goodness. That was a priceless reaction!!!! Great start to my day. šŸ˜‰

  2. Tim Brennan

    That was awesome! Best one I’ve seen Dan

  3. Wow–that was fun to watch. I’m of Finnish descent, so starting at a young age, I have had buckets of cold water poured on me after a sauna. I never thought to have a beer at the ready afterwards, though. Great idea!

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