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A Fresh Batch of Hospital Print Ads

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.13.20 PMHere’s a new batch of healthcare print ads that I gathered this week as I was traveling to and from a client’s facility. It was a busy and fulfilling week conducting employee and consumer focus groups as part of a brand assessment for this particular health system. These ads came out of Delta’s Sky Magazine, so they represent medical centers that are working to build national reputations and attract patients from a broad geography. Enjoy the ads. One caveat: Please know that I scanned each of these ads so the quality of the images has been diminished.

Emory Clinic

UF Health

Childrens Hospital Omaha

Baystate Heart and Vascular

Seattle Childrens

Argentina Medical Tourism

Restorative Breast Surgery



Mount Sanai small ad

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