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Tweeting & Blogging Live Tomorrow from AAPL in Seattle

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 8.08.40 PMTomorrow I will be blogging and Tweeting live from the 2014 Conference of the American Association of Physician Liaisons. This year’s conference is taking place in one of my favorite cities – Seattle! To learn more about the conference, go to I deliver my keynote at 4:15pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, the first day of the conference. Immediately following my presentation is a cocktail reception! I’ll be speaking about the importance of integrating digital media into physician relations program. This will be an extension of the digital physician relations rant that I’ve been on for the last year. This presentation should be a lot of fun because physician liaisons that I work with from Tufts Medical Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center will be in attendance.

While I’m on the plane today flying out to Seattle I plan to spend a lot of time tightening up my presentation. I only have 45 minutes to present, and I’ve got enough content to fill twice that much time. My mantra will need to be: less is more. I want to leave them with a short and impactful presentation.

If you’re in Seattle attending the conference, please come by and say hello.

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