KarenCorriganHere’s a list of 10 wonderful and smart people to meet today and tomorrow at the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit. I encourage you to walk up to these people and introduce yourself. Based on my experience, they are good people to know.

Karen Corrigan – Principal, Corrigan Partners – @KarenCorrigan – Karen knows healthcare and healthcare marketing backwards and forwards. She is entrenched in the industry. I always learn from Karen and consider her a friend. (Lisa Burris is also here from Corrigan Partners, as is Carla Bryant. All good people.)

Linda MacCracken – Vice President, Truven – Linda is one of the sharpest people I know. I’m having dinner with her tonight and I plan to take a nap this afternoon so I can be as sharp as possible when we engage in conversation tonight! Okay, I won’t really take a nap today, but I am often overwhelmed by Linda’s analytical mind.

Marie Gross – VP Business Development, Signature Healthcare – Marie is one of my co-presenters on Friday. If you want to meet someone who is always thinking about what’s next in healthcare and healthcare marketing, that’s Marie. She has more energy than anyone I know.

Brenda Hackett – Associate Director, Physician Relations, MD Anderson Cancer Center – I had dinner with Brenda and a couple other colleagues last night. She is incredibly sharp and someone well worth engaging in conversation. Her physician relations team at MD Anderson is doing incredible things and are true innovators (I know the term is overused).

Kevin Stejskal РAccount Manager, Geonetric Р@kevinstejskal РKevin is a great guy who I have know for several years. Every time I see Kevin it is like greeting an old friend. He is always willing to strike up a conversation!

Moses Hohman – Principal, Human Practice – @HumanPractice – @MosesHohman – Moses is an up-and-comer; an innovator; a creator; a visionary; and a friend. Check out what he is doing with his company, Human Practice.

Tadd Pullin – SVP Marketing & Planning, The Nebraska Medical Center – @TaddPullin – Tadd and I presented together at this conference last year. He has a great healthcare marketing mind and a very nice guy.

Ben Dillon – Vice President, Geonetric – @benatgeo – Ben is an incredibly smart guy and a friend. If you want to talk about anything digital, talk to Ben. We serve together on SHSMD’s 2014 Digital Engagement Task Force, which he chairs. I am grateful for his leadership.

Lyle Green – Associate VP Physician Relations, MD Anderson Cancer Center – @LDGreen66 – Lyle is one of the leading authorities on physician relations. He is my co-presenter today. We will be addressing Digital Physician Relations. I’ll warn you, he’s a talker! Ask him a question and then kick back and prepare to learn.

Chris Boyer – AVP of Digital Strategy for Northshore/LIJ Health System in New York – @ChrisBoyer – Chris is a phenom and a good friend. The best way to find him is to follow his Tweets. I’ve learned a great deal from Chris over the years and he has always been generous with his time.

And, by the way, if you see me wandering the halls, come up and say hello. I’m here to meet smart people – and good people!



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