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Pelvic Health & The Future of Healthcare Marketing

Last year I was honored to speak at Spirit of Women’s Annual Pelvic Health Conference. The audience was composed of hospital executives, physicians, pelvic health program administrators, and marketers – nearly all women. As a result, I am happy to report that there was never a line at the men’s room during breaks!

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.51.10 PMThe good news is that they have asked me back again this year. On June 13th I’ll address the assembled masses about the power and promise of community building in healthcare. Online community building. Communities of shared interest. Essentially, I am going to finish the presentation I started last year. This will be Online Community Building Part Deux! If you’re interested in seeing the video of my presentation from the last conference, click here.

My presentation will delve into online community building tactics that anyone can use to make a Facebook page or Twitter feed more interactive and engaging. Specifically, I’ll look at the notion of market segmentation and how to use Facebook to effectively target niche audiences (communities of shared interest). I’ll also look at the power of Twitter Chats (Tweet Chats) and hashtags to bring together people with like interests. Undoubtedly there will be discussion related to some of my favorite digital tools including Storify, Pinterest and Instagram.

My goal for the presentation is to have people leave with a new understanding of how to use social media platforms to effectively engage audiences. How do we turn these into two way conversations? One of my pet peeves is that we’ve taken these amazing digital and social tools and we’re using them purely as content distribution platforms. We spew content. We have failed to recognize that much of the value of these sites comes from their ability to help us connect with niche audiences in truly meaningful ways. Importantly, these are incredible listening platforms where we can learn a great deal about the experiences of patients and families, and about their perceptions of our organizations. This knowledge should help clinicians, program administrators and marketers better serve their constituents.

That’s my plan for this year’s Pelvic Health Conference. My thanks to the folks at the Spirit Health Group who have the courage to feature me as a speaker at their events! They are obviously good people. I hope to see you there. If you’re interested in attending the conference, you can contact Dana Smith at Spirit of Women (dsmith at SpiritHealthGroup dot com), or visit for more information.

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  1. Thank you Dan! If anyone is interested in joining us, feel free to visit or contact me for more information! I will keep an eye on the comments.

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