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NC Hospitals’ Healthier Tomorrow Campaign

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It probably doesn’t surprise you that I follow the NC Hospital Association (along with many other state hospital associations) on Facebook. Lately I’ve noticed posts coming through my news feed featuring the Association’s Healthier Tomorrow Campaign. It has its own dedicated microsite ( that I encourage you to visit.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.12.08 PMOne of the things I love about this campaign is the significant roles that user-generated content and social sharing play. Visitors can share their hospital stories by uploading a video, a written narrative or photo. This gives patients and family members a venue for celebrating the hospital and healthcare professionals that cared for them. Many member hospitals have testimonial videos on file, so they can simply upload those to the site. The Hospital Association then shares that content on its social media platforms. As you can see in the screenshot below, the campaign also invites hospital employees to share why they love working at a North Carolina Hospital. Through authentic storytelling and user-generated content, this campaign is designed to spread positive feelings about North Carolina’s many hospitals. This is taking place in a state that failed to fund Medicaid Expansion so there is a greater burden placed on these hospitals to treat uninsured individuals who do not currently qualify for Medicaid.

Given all of the good work that hospitals do for the communities they serve, it is nice to see a campaign that is celebratory in nature. I applaud the effort.

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