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ZDOGGMD & Turntable Health

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a keynote presentation by ZDOGGMD, aka, Dr. Zubin Damania. ZDOGGMD is a persona that Dr. Damania adopted to present his engaging style of health education. Today, Dr. Damania is CEO and Founder of Las Vegas based Turntable Health – a new health clinic/concept located in and part of Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. Tony Hsieh is the founder of Zappos and he actively recruited Damania to Las Vegas.

ZDOGGMD’s presentation at the AAMC GIA Conference yesterday was one of the most entertaining and impactful keynotes I have witnessed in my 20 years attending healthcare conferences. His performance and his message were brilliant. Although ZDOGGMD may be known for his crazy videos (crazy effective), what impressed me was hearing about the work he and his team are doing at Turntable Health. His focus is on serving humanity and improving health. In Las Vegas he’s doing it with “a membership-based primary care and wellness ecosystem focused on everything that keeps people healthy.” Patients pay a flat monthly fee of $80 ($60 for kids) and they’re in. If you’re not familiar with the work they’re doing, I recommend you visit their website and learn more. Here’s a video from Dr. Damania that tells the Turntable Story.

Finally, here are a couple of YouTube videos from the ZDOGGMD archive. Enjoy!

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