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Brooke Hynes and I will be speaking at the AAMC GIA Professional Development Conference this Thursday in Salt Lake City. This is an interesting conference because it attracts many of the marketing, public affairs and communications professionals from med schools and teaching hospitals. I first spoke at the event in 2006 and have enjoyed returning over the years. This year’s conference is being held from Wednesday, March 26 through Saturday, March 29.

Our presentation is titled “Tuning In: Why Online Video is a Must for the Modern Academic Medical Center.” It is scheduled for Thursday, March 27 at 2 p.m. We’ll discuss the value of using online video to engage audiences. In additional to looking at some of the innovative uses of video within healthcare, we’ll review three case studies in which hospitals are using video to successfully engage key audiences.

Our message is that healthcare communication needs to offer value to the target audience – and it has been short on value in the past. Today’s connected consumer get to determine what she watches, when she watches it, and on what type of device. She is in control. And there are lots of options. It is up to us to develop communication that is relevant, engaging and that meets some fundamental need of the individual being targeted. That need could be emotional, informational or entertainment. It is our perspective that video is uniquely suited to addressing those needs and can package health information in a more appetizing form.

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