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Twitter’s Role Communicating Research Findings & Implications

Twitter gets the news out faster than most any other medium. And that includes news of scientific research and reports on the implications of that research. Obscure studies can now find prominence and relevance via Twitter. And as a result of Twitter’s power to disseminate information rapidly, more people can take advantage of new research.

The infographic below explores the role of Twitter in sharing information about scientific research. My thanks to MediaBistro’s All Twitter blog for bringing this to my attention.


Back in 2010 I read an interesting article that discussed why Twitter is relevant to the scientific community. That article, published in Deep Sea News, came to mind when I saw this infographic. It was titled: What is Twitter and Why Scientists Need To Use It. If you’re interested in the relationship between Twitter and Science, definitely check it out. Here’s a link to a related article from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: ‘Retweet This’—Researchers See Rise in Use of Twitter to Share Scientific Journal Articles.

2 comments on “Twitter’s Role Communicating Research Findings & Implications

  1. Thanks for posting this! It just so happens that I am in the midst of developing guidelines for our researchers surrounding social media and promoting their work. We don’t want them to jeopardize publication, or release findings too early, and we want to be sure embargoes are honored. This is so timely as some background research for me. Thanks, Dan!

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