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Design Thinking in Healthcare

On Tuesday evening of this week our healthcare leaders (#HCLDR) Twitter chat was focused on the potential impact of design thinking in healthcare. It was an amazing conversation. Dr. Joyce Lee was our guest host. She is a physician, a mom and a design thinker. In doing my homework prior to the chat, I watched a couple of Dr. Lee’s presentations online. One was a video of a talk she did at the CUSP Conference. I was so moved by her presentation that I decided to share it here. You will love the story she shares regarding her son’s serious food allergies and how, together, they harnessed the power of good design to teach her son the signs of anaphylaxis shock and when to take his meds, and then used the same information to effectively communicate the information to teachers and fellow students. Together, they made a YouTube video! I love it. The video of Dr. Lee’s presentation appears below. It includes her 6-year-old son’s YouTube video.

You can also visit Dr. Lee’s blog post on the #HCLDR Blog by clicking here.

3 comments on “Design Thinking in Healthcare

  1. Dan! Thanks soooo much for sharing. Dr. Lee is right in my hood and I’m fascinated by design thinking and the VAST applications in medicine/health/wellness. Really appreciate the exposure to this resource!

    • Thanks Mary. Dr. Lee is amazing. You guys ought to connect!
      Take care – and thanks as always for visiting the blog.

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