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Update Time Sensitive Creative

Often hospitals and medical practices will create advertising that references some impending event. That might be the opening of a new facility or the launch of some new service. When you post advertising on platforms that might have a longer shelf life (billboards, transit posters, digital display ads) that references a specific date, make a note in your calendar to update the creative prior to it becoming dated. I know that seems obvious but this is a very common problem. I’m sure we’ve all been bitten by this at one point in time or another.

I was in the Raleigh Durham Airport last week (February 2014) and saw this digital ad for Triangle Orthopaedics. It mentions that they have a new facility opening at Southpoint in January 2013. It has been more than a year since the planned opening of that facility. How long has this creative been running? It is time to freshen it up – and how much does it cost to update a digital display ad? Not much. Having outdated created sends a message to the viewer/reader that the organization is not paying attention; and in healthcare, that’s not a good thing.

Triangle Ortho

This also applies to websites and social media platforms. If you’ve got something on there that seems dated, get rid of it. One bad piece of information can call into question the value of the rest of the content on that platform. Right now my company has a heart health image as the cover photo on our Facebook page. Once we enter March, that photo needs to be replaced with something new. Lots of hospitals will need to do the same thing. My message is simple: Don’t leave these things to chance. Put a tickler in your calendar so you will be reminder to update the creative. It is simple and will potentially save you a lot of anguish.

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