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SELFIE – A Dove Film by Cynthia Wade

Last year I had the honor of leading a workshop at the annual SHSMD Conference on the use of video for effective storytelling. Among the presenters was Academy Award Winning Filmmaker, Cynthia Wade. I loved having the opportunity to work with Cynthia.

Recently the folks at the “Dove Campaign for Real Beauty” and the Sundance Institute have partnered with Cynthia to develop a documentary short film that addresses the ways in which beauty is being redefined. The end result is SELFIE, an amazing 7-minute look at how young women and their mothers see themselves. Through the use of selfies, the young women and their moms learn to redefine beauty and their self-perceptions. Check out the entire film below:

2 comments on “SELFIE – A Dove Film by Cynthia Wade

  1. What a great way to boost girl’s and women’s self image. I especially like the line at the iend about the things they were most self conscious about being what makes them unique.

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