Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO Labeling and Health: Infographic

The Cornucopia Institute published an infographic that clearly delineates those businesses and corporations who opposed Washington State’s GMO labeling Initiative and those who supported it. Last fall there was a bitter fight in Washington State and the voters ended up voting down GMO labeling. There were claims of false and misleading advertising on the part of the “Say No to GMO labeling campaign,” and reportedly millions were spent to persuade citizens to vote against the measure. I find it fascinating to see what companies and brands were/are opposed to supplying consumers with better information about the products they buy. If approved, I-522 would have required that non-exempt foods and agricultural products offered for retail sale state “clearly and conspicuously” on the front of the package if they were genetically-engineered, contain or might have contained genetically-engineered ingredients. As the infographic points out, more than 60 countries around the world already require labeling for genetically modified organisms within foods. The U.S. is not one of them.

Check out the infographic below. (Click on the image to zoom in)


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