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Speaking Tomorrow: New Hampshire MGMA Conference

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.20.22 AMTomorrow I will be speaking at the New Hampshire Medical Group Management Association in Manchester, New Hampshire. Yes, it will be cold in New Hampshire; but interestingly, the temperatures there today are roughly the same as those in Raleigh, North Carolina (low of 9 degrees, high of 24). As a native Vermonter, I don’t have an issue with the cold. And I’ve packed my cold weather gear (hat, gloves, etc.).

Even though I’m speaking on a familiar subject, I have drafted an entirely new presentation. The topic is: Integrating Social Media into the Marketing Mix for the Medical Practice. For this presentation, I’ve included some new data from a study done by Huffington Post and Real Simple magazine. Within their survey they asked 3,583 women how smartphones and social media affect their lives. The results, although not surprising, were really interesting. Here’s some of the data:

  • 39% of the women check their phone every hour
  • 15% check their phone every 15 minutes
  • Text messages are the primary form of communication with close friends
  • Phone is the primary form of communication with family members
  • 12% have their smart phone with them at the dinner table
  • 47% keep their smart phone on the bedside table while they sleep
  • 17% keep their smart phone in the bedroom while they sleep, but not on the bedside table
  • 5% sleep with their smart phone in the bed with them
  • 39% report having checked their phone while in the bathroom
  • 15% report having checked their phone at church or during a wedding or funeral
  • 36% report texting while driving (car moving)
  • Another 39% report texting while driving, but while the car was at a stop
  • 48% report that they would rather go a month without sex with their partner than lose their cell phone for a month
  • 24% report that social media helps them feel closer to their friends
  • When using social media, 19% of women reported feeling connected; 19% reported feeling entertained; and 19% reported feeling informed.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.24.47 AM

1 comment on “Speaking Tomorrow: New Hampshire MGMA Conference

  1. stay warm, interesting numbers, I was just looking at something similar!! Technologic 2014!

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