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Video Storytelling to Explain Digital Health

I belong to the Digital Health Group on LinkedIn. The moderator of that group, Paul Sonnier, has developed two animated videos that succinctly explain digital health. In sharing his video with the group, Paul clearly stated his mission: “It’s incumbent upon all of us to advance the intelligent application and utilization of digital health in order that it help us and our families live healthier and happier lives, while also improving healthcare delivery, efficiency, quality and access.”

As I watched Paul’s videos I wondered how others have used video to explain digital health. On YouTube I was able to quickly find a couple of other examples of animated videos addressing the topic. Those videos, and Paul’s, are embedded below. Enjoy!

Here are two videos by Paul Sonnier. For the past four years Paul has curated the Digital Health group on LinkedIn (20,000+ members). Paul is the head of Digital Strategy at Popper and Company – an M&A advisory and specialty consulting firm.

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