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Missing The Mayo Ragan Social Media Summit

IMG_2605This time of year I normally attend the Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Summit in Rochester, Minnesota. It is one of the highlights of my year. What’s cool about the Summit is the amazing  concentration of healthcare social media practitioners and online community managers. It is unlike any other healthcare marketing conference that I attend.

Last week, while others attended the Mayo Social Media Summit, I was in Boston filming physicians and hospital administrators. You see, this year, instead of sending myself to Mayo, I made the decision to send one of our young social media account executives (Kate Rudy) to Mayo as a learning opportunity. I hated not being there with all my friends and colleagues, but was thrilled for Kate who made the most of the opportunity. She responded to the Summit as I always do: energized, excited and overwhelmed with new knowledge. As she  said in an email to me: “My tour of the Mayo Clinic left me speechless. Lots of information to digest.” I’m so glad that I made the decision to send her in my stead. I enjoyed following her Tweets from the conference and reading her email messages to my team. It was a good decision.

2 comments on “Missing The Mayo Ragan Social Media Summit

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  2. looks like a great summit! Saw a few folks on twitter – great info!

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