In Some Cases, Even Advertising Is About Community

Lately I’ve been on a tear about community and the role of community building in healthcare marketing. Many of the functions related to community building are not what most of us associate with traditional advertising. But the truth is, there will always be a place for traditional advertising in healthcare marketing. It’s role will diminish. I would argue that it already has diminished. And its role will change. Already traditional advertising vehicles are being used to drive people to online platforms where consumers can have a deeper level of engagement with your brand, and access a greater depth of information. We’ve all been doing that for a while now.

However, advertising, particularly television and radio advertising, is great for storytelling and celebrating community. These tools reach mass audiences, although they can be targeted to specific demographic and psychographic groups. Their power to help delver brand content to a mass audience is significant. And if the commercial messages are well crafted and well produced, they can be impactful.

IMG_4370Below is a television commercial my firm, Jennings, recently produced for the launch of a new children’s hospital in eastern North Carolina. This children’s hospital serves a region the size of the state of Maryland. This is without a doubt the poorest and most under served region of North Carolina. As you might expect, it is also a region that is plagued by rampant heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Unfortunately, children in eastern North Carolina have traditionally suffered from disproportionately high rates of obesity, infant mortality, smoking and other health-related problems. It is well known that that healthy children learn better, grow stronger and become more successful adults. So addressing the health of children in eastern North Carolina is a huge opportunity and one that needs to be championed. That’s exactly why it is so important for the people of eastern North Carolina that Vidant Health chose to build this new children’s hospital, expanding their ability to serve the needs of families in the region. This launch was an event that deserved to be shared with the greater community via mass media, and specifically a TV commercial. It was a community activity. And the people of eastern NC deserve a health system that will say “Yes, your families deserve the best in care and we’re making the investment needed to deliver that.”

Here’s the TV spot for the new, nautically themed Vidant Children’s Hospital. Enjoy!

2 comments on “In Some Cases, Even Advertising Is About Community

  1. WOW Dan. well said … and wonderful work!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Dana! It was definitely a fun campaign for my team to work on. And what a great thing for Eastern North Carolina.
      Take care,

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