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Tuesday Edition: 15 People to Meet Today at SHSMD 2013

Each year I try to publish one or two lists of people to meet while you’re attending SHSMD. My goal is to facilitate introductions and networking. There are so many top healthcare marketers who attend this conference, it is difficult narrowing my focus to just 10 or 15 professionals. Earlier this week I published a list of 10 people to meet at SHSMD. As I travel the halls of the Sheraton Chicago, I keep bumping into smart people who enrich my life as a healthcare marketer, and whom I’d like to share with you. So consider this an introduction!

  1. Jim Rattray, Strategic Marketing, Branding and Communications – Jim has taken the leap and started his own consultancy after working on the client side for many years. He’s a good friend.
  2. Allison Hurley, Web and Marketing Communications Specialist, Tufts Medical Center – Allison is attending SHSMD for the first time! She’s a young healthcare marketer with a ton of promise. Be sure to say hello to her.
  3. Jacqueline Fellows, Editor, HealthLeaders Media – Jacqueline is a healthcare reporter/editor. We’ve worked together on a few articles. We finally met in person earlier this year at the Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit.
  4. Chris Bevolo, President, Interval – Chris has a great mind for marketing. I respect him and appreciate his irreverence. When people want to learn about healthcare marketing, the first thing I do is refer them to Chris’ book: Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital.
  5. Ryan Squire, Senior Director of Social Media at Kindred Healthcare – I’ve like Ryan since the day I met him. He is a social media early adopter and terrific strategist. Glad he’s here.
  6. Paul Griffiths, CEO, MedTouch – Paul is a friend and a very smart guy. Over the years I have used him as a trusted advisor.
  7. Chris Boyer, AVP of Digital Strategy for Northshore/LIJ Health System – Chris needs no introduction. Everytime I speak with Chris, or listen to one of his presentations, I learn something.
  8. Sandra Fancher, Managing Partner, Medtouch. I’ve known Sandra for some time and usually enjoy interacting with her. However, Sandra hates being left of off lists! You don’t want to see her when she’s angry. Let’s just say I should have put her on my first list.
  9. Robin Goldsmith, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Everyday Health Hospital Solutions – Robin and I have only known each other for a short time, but I have come to respect him a great deal. Robin and his company are doing really cool things in the digital realm.
  10. Jessica Levco, Editor, Ragan Communications – Jessica is my editor at Ragan Communications. She is incredibly bright. If you’ve ever thought about writing for Ragan, Jessica can help.
  11. Richard Cohen, Editor, Healthcare Marketing Report (HMR Publications Group) – Richard has been publishing articles that I’ve written for probably a decade. He’s a great guy and I always enjoy reconnecting with him at these events.
  12. Gabrielle DeTora, Principal, DeTora Consulting – Gabrielle is a dear friend and one of the smartest people I know. She was born to communicate with CEOs and CFOs.
  13. Karen Corrigan, Principal, Corrigan Partners – Karen is one of the people I admire most in healthcare marketing. If I needed help, I would turn to her. Importantly, I trust that she would help.
  14. Lyle Green, Associate Vice President, Physician Relations, MD Anderson Cancer Center – Lyle and I have presented at conferences together, written articles and even co-authored a book chapter. He is a true thought leader when it comes to physician relations and a genuinely good person.
  15. Jeff Steblea, Vice President, Research & Management, Market Street Research – Jeff and I are both members of the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo). We’ve been fortunate to hang out together at NESHCo conferences. He’s a great guy.

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