Return on Community

Return on Community: Getting the Conversation Started

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On July 24, 2013 I posted an excerpt from my upcoming book on this blog. The title of the post was “Return on Community in Healthcare.” I was testing the waters and introducing a concept I’d been thinking about for some time. My genuine interest is in changing the conversation around healthcare marketing. In so doing, I hope to change the way marketers view their role and perhaps alter the ways in which they use social media. To accomplish this, I needed to start a conversation and get people talking.

So, I put the post out there and measured the response. Given it was my thinking, I watched with great interest. What happened over the next couple of weeks was really interesting. At first a few people Tweeted and left very kind and thoughtful comments on the blog. I was encouraged. Then on August 6th, my editor at Ragan Communications decided to share the piece on their Healthcare Communication News eblast. That, combined with a few Tweets from Mark Ragan, got my post in front of a lot of people. The Ragan post, on its own, has been Tweeted 56 times. A search on Tweet Binder shows that “Return on Community” has been mentioned in 111 Tweets in the last couple of days alone, with a reach of 159,623 and potential impressions of 587,838. This represents Tweets by 59 people (many shown in the screen shot below). Click on either or the images below for larger versions.

Below I have reproduced the Twitter transcript from all this sharing around “Return on Community.” I’m really pleased that this perspective has struck a cord with so many people – particularly people I respect and admire. If you’d like to read my original post, click here. For a short video of me discussing this notion of community in healthcare marketing, click here.

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