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Online Interview: Five Minutes with The Global Awards®

I recently wrote a blog post about the Global Awards and the impending deadline for submissions. Today’s post takes a deeper look at the Global Awards. In this interview, Global Awards Executive Director Michael Demetriades, and Associate Director Caroline Poon, discuss the longevity of the Global Awards, the newly launched Young Globals Student competition, and the evolving creative mix in healthcare advertising. (The interview subjects submitted written responses to these questions via email.) Enjoy!

Q: How has the Global Awards® for the World’s Best Healthcare Advertising™ competition evolved over the years and to what do you attribute the competition’s longevity?

MD: “Brand Awareness. After 19 years, the Global Awards are recognized as the premier award for the worldwide healthcare industry…through recognizing outstanding, innovative, and industry-changing communications, and continuously raising the bar.”

CP: “The competition has involved participation from creative practitioners who continue to create the works concurrent with the trends. Global Awards entrants and judges reinforce the reputation that the Global Awards continues to be the industry award recognizing compelling healthcare work and the people who create them.”

Q: The Global Awards recently unveiled multiple new categories, including Wellness Products & Service and Corporate Social Responsibility. What was the rational for creating these new categories?

MD: “The Global Awards must be relevant to the industry, and who else knows the industry better than our Board of Advisors and Judges. Annually we seek their input and advice and we adapt accordingly.”

Q: This year, the Global Awards launched the Young Globals Student Competition. What was the impetus for this competition, and what categories are included in the roster?

CP: “Global Awards advisory board member Robin Shapiro, EVP & Chief Creative Officer of CAHG, was a catalyst in helping to create the category section for students. The award encourages students to learn more about the industry, and fosters a growing interest in students with dedicated study in healthcare communications. The Global Awards connects these educational and professional worlds by recognizing the outstanding works of creative healthcare leaders of tomorrow.”

Q: What are the criteria for evaluating entries?

MD: The criteria in evaluating the work are:

1. Idea…is it original/fresh/outstanding, does it stand out.

2. Relevance…how the Brand relates to the category.

3. Execution…each entry is evaluated on its individual merits, and not in comparison with other entries. This focus allows the work to be evaluated in depth and fairly.

Q: How do you select the online Grand Jury?

MD: “Our judges are selected using two basic methods. First, the previous year’s winners are invited to participate on the Grand Jury, and secondly, judges from the previous year are asked to recommend creative talent from their country. It’s a peer system…who better to know the existing talent in each country than the people that work in that region.”

Q: How has the creative mix changed over the past few years in healthcare advertising; what trends have you seen in the entries that earn awards?

CP: “We’re seeing well rounded growth with integrated media campaigns, digitally centered works, and out of home…live environmental & experiential events…earning Global Awards. Additionally, campaigns with these growing media platforms have also helped enhance the creativity done in established media, such as print, TV, radio, etc. which continue to earn Globals. There’s such diversity of media channels to reach HCPs and consumers nowadays, it’s an exciting time to see the healthcare landscape changing and reaching audiences in different ways. While media is multifarious, the work that continues to standout is centered on creatively telling a story and touching us in compelling and life changing ways with its deliverance. The Global Awards honor these works and its creators for their excellence and contribution to raising creative standards for healthcare communications.”

About the Global Awards -The Global Awards® are the world’s largest and most coveted healthcare communications awards and are the only ones dedicated to the recognition of excellence on an international basis. The Globals® receive entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals and education groups as well as from advertising agencies, design studios and production companies. The result is an unparalleled combination of medical, pharmaceutical and general health-related marketing messages to be judged. The Global Awards Deadline is July 31st. To enter The Global Awards, click here.

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