A Week of Seclusion for Writing

I enter most weeks knowing there are a few milestone events that I want to make sure go well. For example, last week I had a client presentation in Boston on Monday and a speech at Spirit of Women’s National Executive Meeting in Las Vegas on Wednesday. My work week usually gets built around those types of events. Then I end up filling in the cracks with conference calls (lots of conference calls), writing blog posts and articles, responding to email, networking with colleagues, etc. I spend a lot of time working from hotel rooms and airports – even airplanes now that most of them offer WiFi.

laptopThis week is a little different from my average week. I’m working remotely, a normal thing for me, but it is not due to my typical business travel. You see, this week I’m hiding out in the mountains of Virginia trying to finish a draft of my healthcare marketing book – a project that is nearly a year behind schedule. Several months ago I blocked out this week on my calendar as my time for seclusion and writing. How’s that working out? Monday I had four conference calls and was basically on the phone from 10am until 3pm, but the rest of the week looks really good for being focused on the manuscript. I do find that I need a solid block of time (days, not hours) to immerse myself in my writing (and thinking) in order to get in the groove. (For me, this is far different than writing an article or blog post.) Time alone in the mountains definitely does that for me.

An interesting corollary to my story is that Sunday night my wife and I dropped off my stepdaughter and my niece at the Duke University so they could attend the Duke Young Writers Program for the next two weeks. I took that as a sign that this is indeed a time for writing! Meg and I will both spend the week writing.

So, off I go to my own writers camp. Please keep your fingers crossed in the hope that I find inspiration. If all goes well, my book should be ready before the end of the year. I’d love to start 2014 with a copy of the text in hand.

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