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My Spirit of Women Presentation: Marketing As Community Building

Here’s a video with 29 minutes of my presentation from Spirit of Women’s National Executive Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada (July 17, 2013). It was an amazing gathering and I am honored to have participated. The audience included 200 female healthcare executives and 3 men. One note: I was the luncheon speaker so there’s an abundance of background noise. Enjoy the video.

3 comments on “My Spirit of Women Presentation: Marketing As Community Building

  1. Great information for healthcare marketers. The video examples are very powerful. How about some ideas on tying online community-building to live events — to build attendance and further patient-physician-hospital engagement in person?

  2. Barbara, I totally agree. Online community building should be directly linked to opportunities for in-person engagement through events, screenings, etc. I’m trying to get hospitals to add the layer of online communities and engagement – and then integrating it with other community activities. We’ve done this with our mommy blogs and bloggers – involving them in real world community events and hospital activities targeting the entire community. We’ve found that the online community building strengthens the in-person events and interaction.

    Thanks for the great comment!

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