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Pinterest, Vacation & Physician Relations

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Today was the first day of my week of vacation in the mountains with my wife and step daughter. We love our time together in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was quite a day so I thought I’d share some of the relevant highlights:

  1. By 9am I finished putting the final touches on an article I’ve been writing (with Lyle Green of MD Anderson) and sent it off to Mark Gothberg, my editor at eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. I promised to have the draft to him by July 1, and lived up to that agreement. The article is a look at the digital future of physician relations. Hopefully he’ll think it has merit.
  2. I checked in with the office via email, concerned that our building had been impacted by the wild flooding that has been taking place in Chapel Hill. It turns out we had water come in through the back door or the agency, but nothing too serious. That was a relief.
  3. At 10:30am my wife and I headed into town to pick up some groceries and to visit a terrific outfitters shop. The weather on the mountain was lousy (fog and rain), so running errands made sense. We made our purchases and raced back up the mountain so I could be there to take my 1pm conference call.
  4. At 1pm I had a conference call with a reporter who writes for the LA Times, Web MD and iHealthBeat. She’s working on an article about hospitals’ use of Pinterest and wanted to interview me for her story. We had an amazing conversation that lasted much longer than I had expected. I believe I was able to provide some relevant information. One of the things I talked about was the move to population health management and how marketing must evolve to address that change. In essence, we’re going to be responsible for engaging consumers and for encouraging activities and education related to wellness and prevention. Tools like Pinterest give us the opportunity to engage female healthcare consumers within a platform they already use. It makes far more sense to take the marketing to the consumer rather than to expect them to come to us and our often boring hospital websites. Through Pinterest we can share health tips, healthy recipes, fitness tips, and information related to the onset of chronic disease.
  5. At 4:30pm my wife and I headed out for a hike on the old Appalachian Trail which runs within a half mile of our home. The trail was really challenging because of all the recent rain. The rocks were slippery and it definitely tested my patience. After a rough and exhausting hike, we made it back to our place by 6pm. I checked and responded to email, shared some photos on Facebook and Tumblr via Instagram, wrote this blog post, and then prepared for a relaxing evening. My wife is threatening me with an evening of board games. We’ll see if that pans out.

Not a bad start to a week of vacation! I hope you enjoy the 4th of July weekend. See photos below.






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