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Explaining the ACA to Consumers Using Video

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 12.00.20 PMBCBS of North Carolina recently launched a new video to explain healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act to its members. It is a very friendly, non-threatening presentation of the issues involved although they do dwell on the negative (potential increase in cost of health insurance premiums for individuals). Frankly, it’s a nice use of online video (I believe it also aired in a shorter version as a TV commercial). From a creative perspective, I love the accessible tone and design of this video. However, the content, in my opinion, does little to answer the questions of consumers and perhaps raises more questions than it answers. It certainly does nothing to relieve individuals of their concerns about how the ACA might impact them.

Here’s the text that introduces the video on YouTube:

“The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, will be in full swing by January 2014. But many people still have questions about what the ACA is and how it will impact them. Understand how ACA could affect your coverage and costs, and learn about your options for finding a plan that’s right for you. BCBSNC is dedicated to helping you find an insurance plan that meets your needs and to keeping premiums as affordable as possible. To find out more, visit”

Here’s a well-crafted video from the Kaiser Family Foundation, dealing with the same subject matter, but giving a more balanced view:

3 comments on “Explaining the ACA to Consumers Using Video

  1. Rod Neaveill

    Lots of “coulds” and “mays” in the BCBS video. I agree the Kaiser video is much more balanced and less fear-producing. Whatever happens, you know the health plans are still going to shift costs and make out just fine.

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