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IMG_3876Much of my sanity during the spring comes from my evening strolls among the various flowering plants in my yard. When I’m in town, the first thing I do when I get home from work is to walk around the yard and see what’s blooming. Over the years I’ve grown hundreds of peonies from seed, and it takes up to 7 years before they reach maturity and bloom. There’s such satisfaction in nurturing a plant for that long and seeing it all come to fruition. I also have my prize cactus plant that I rescued from a parking lot. It is now thriving to the point that it is threatening to take over my irises. However, for the time being, the irises and cactus seem to be coexisting beautifully.

In my job in healthcare marketing, I get to interview lots of physicians. I’ve been impressed by the number of physicians who compare their job to gardening. The comparison actually makes a lot of sense. Whether they are dealing with a well individual or one suffering from some malady, they nurture them and care for them, and often can see the outcome of that care. They are gardeners and they work to find the right formula that will lead to health and vitality. Here’s one of the physicians I’ve interviewed recently talking about her role as a gardener:

One of the things I love about this series of physician videos is they way in which they humanize the physicians. Dr. Brown, like so many physicians I interview, did not love the idea of being put on video. But look at the outcome. A patient or referring physician can now meet her by video and get a glimpse of her persona. You don’t get that from a head shot and CV.

Here are some photos of the results of my gardening this spring. Thankfully, many of my plants respond well to long periods of neglect!

Peonies grown from seed
Peonies grown from seed
Iris and cactus coexisting
Iris and cactus coexisting

More Iris and cactus









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