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Video Clip From My 2013 PRSA Health Academy Presentation

Below is a video clip of the first 30 minutes of my presentation last week at the 2013 PRSA Health Academy. The subject of the presentation was “Using Blogs to Engage Female Healthcare Consumers.” Tim Brennan of Tufts Medical Center was scheduled to be my co-presenter but got a bad case of food poisoning after eating in one of the local dining establishments. (Unfortunately, I selected the restaurant.) So, I flew solo. Enjoy the presentation.

3 comments on “Video Clip From My 2013 PRSA Health Academy Presentation

  1. Dana Smith

    This ROCKS! Thanks for sharing … glad you enjoy Pinterest, I do too.. great presentation .. good laughs ..keeping the hive alive!! Very interesting about the future of service line marketing, within 5 years at hospitals, in changing the way healthcare is paid, to manage populations to be healthy is how we will get paid… I agree! Online communities will be key here in communications on health and wellness… Hive!
    You did a great job solo, poor Tim!! aww .. hope he is feeling better ! TGIF

    • dandunlop

      Thanks Dana! I really appreciate you watching the video. Yeah, Pinterest rocks. The presentation was a lot of fun.
      Have a good weekend.

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