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What Does It Take to Become a Doctor: The Dedicated Doctor Infographic

“In 2006, in response to concerns of a likely future physician shortage, the AAMC recommended a 30 percent increase in U.S. medical school enrollment by 2015. This recommendation used the first-year enrollment of 16,488 students in 2002 as a baseline. A 30 percent increase would thus lead to 21,434 first-year medical students enrolling by 2015, an increase of 4,946 students.” (Source: AAMC Report – Results of the 2011 Medical School Enrollment Survey)

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 3.46.34 PMWe’ve all heard the projections about the impending physician shortfall. The passage of health care reform will increase the need for doctors and add to a physician shortage driven by the healthcare needs of a rapidly aging population.  At the same time, the world of medicine has changed dramatically in recent years, and will continue to evolve. Those change have impacted the practice of medicine and will continue to do so. Physicians report spending less time caring for patients and more time performing administrative functions. In large part as a reaction to the changing environment, many physicians have left private practice and have become employees of health systems and hospitals.

So what does it take to become a physician? Check out the infographic below, produced by Soliant Health. It takes a look at many of the factors that come into play when we think about replacing the huge number of physicians who are now between the ages of 40 and 59, many of whom will be retiring in the next few years.

Infographic by Soliant Health
Infographic by Soliant Health

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