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CleanMed 2013: Creating Healing Environments (April 24-26)

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Creating safe, healing environments is one of the huge opportunities facing healthcare. That’s what the CleanMed Conference is all about. CleanMed is the premier conference on environmental sustainability for the health care sector. The conference attracts leaders and key decision makers from across the industry, convening health care professionals, university researchers, designers of professional buildings, and vendors of cleaner and safer products and services. The conference is being held April 24 – 26, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts.

I’ve long been an advocate of creating “healthy hospitals” for patients, visitors and hospital employees. I’ve presented at conferences on the green movement in healthcare and have written several articles on the subject (“Healthcare’s Green Initiative: The Healthy Hospital Movement,” Alternative Health Journal, August 2009; “The Surprise Ingredient: Healthy Food Programs in Hospitals,” co-authored with Mark Shelley of Lexington Medical Center, Alternative Health Journal, November 2009).

featured_speakers 2Featured speakers will include Don Berwick, Bill McKibben, and Gary Gottlieb, MD. Additionally, CleanMed 2013 will include more than 50 session on topics ranging from healthy food in hospitals to the use of safer materials and chemicals to sustainability and waste management. These are issues we think about regularly at my firm. Not only are many of our hospital clients developing healthier environments, but one of my firm’s non-hospital clients, Daniels International, is the world’s largest provider of reusable systems for sharps disposal and a leader in the medical waste disposal industry. They work to make healthcare safer for those who work in the field while reducing the amount of waste that hospitals put into landfills. So CleanMed is something the people on my team are very passionate about.

If you’re interested in attending CleanMed 2103, or just want more information, go to

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