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10 Things I learned Attending The Pelvic Health Conference

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Yesterday I had a blast presenting at the Pelvic Health Conference in Denver (video to come next week). Here are a few things I am taking away from this experience:

  1. Pelvic health is everything from “navel to knee.” That was the buzz phrase I kept hearing.
  2. “Do you leak?” is the question clinicians should be asking their patients. Really. I have this on good authority.
  3. Men don’t typically attend pelvic health conferences and they rarely speak at them.
  4. One of the benefits of attending Spirit of Women’s Annual Pelvic Health Conference was that there were no lines in the men’s room! I was one of maybe seven men in a room filled with women who run pelvic health programs at hospitals around the country. I have to assume that one of the negatives for the women attending the conference was that the lines in the women’s room were quite long!
  5. Not all conferences have to be the same. This was what I would call a boutique conference. And that’s a good thing. The conference space (check out the photo above) was the exact opposite of what you expect when you think of a conference facility. The meetings took place in this amazing space that is part of the Opera House. The lighting was subdued and there were exposed brick walls. What a great environment, particularly when contrasted with the typical hotel conference space.
  6. Denver has great restaurants. I had an incredible dinner last night at Tamayo – a contemporary Mexican restaurant. Not only was the food good, but they had the most impressive assortment of Tequilas I’ve ever seen. When I’m traveling I always try to get out of the hotel and get a feel for the local flavor. If I’m going to be away from home, it is important that I make the most of that time and treat myself. Sometimes that means connecting with friends and sometimes it means discovering a new restaurant on my own.
  7. Women Rule. The truth is, I would much rather present to a room full of professional women than a room full of men. I can’t help it. I guess it’s just the way I’m wired. I blame it on my mother! My mother blames it on my four sisters.
  8. 4:45pm Mountain Time is awfully late for a presentation to begin. I felt like I was doing dinner theater. Really, it did make for a long day waiting to present at 4:45pm. I’m naturally a morning person. So I was a little challenged by this late start. In the end, it was fine. I thrived in the face of adversity.
  9. March in Denver can be surprisingly warm. I was surprised to find the weather in the 50s and 60s. On Thursday morning I walked around the city and stopped at Starbucks for coffee. It was so warm that I ended up sitting at a table outside, and enjoyed my coffee along with the beautiful day.
  10. I miss my family when I travel. Don’t get me wrong – I love traveling and I do it all the time. But every time I visit a new locale, I find myself wishing Scotti and Meg were with me to share in the experience.

Okay, I’ve run out of steam. That’s all from Denver. Have a good weekend.

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