If you’re attending the Physician Strategies Summit (#PSS2013) this week in Orlando, FL, here’s a list of 10 people I suggest you meet. Most of these professionals are people I’ve come to know over the years, while others are on my list of people to meet.

As I’m sure you know, these events are ideal for networking with industry peers, and these are people I think you should know (if you don’t know them already). One of the things I’ve always found to be true is that these industry peers s are very much approachable. Walk up to them and introduce yourself. You’ll be glad you made the effort.

  1. Suzanne Sawyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Penn Medicine
  2. Karen Corrigan, CEO, Corrigan Partners
  3. Lyle Green, Associate Vice President, Physician Relations, The University of TX M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (my co-presenter)
  4. Tadd Pullin, Vice President, Marketing, Planning, and Network Operations, The Nebraska Medical Center (my co-presenter)
  5. Ben Dillon, Vice President/eHealth Evangelist Geonetric
  6. Jim Edwards, CEO, Connect Healthcare
  7. Patrick Kane, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Business Development Cape Cod Healthcare
  8. Michael S. Oleksyk, MD, CMPE, Vice President of Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer, Baptist Health Care (Pensacola, FL) – Dr. Oleksyk is one of the keynote speakers at the conference.
  9. Leslie Burnside, Director, Network Development & Physician Relations, UNC Health Care (UNC Health Care is a former client of mine)
  10. Lori McLelland, Executive Director, Market Development Emory Healthcare

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