Blatant Self Promotion

200,000 Views Milestone

When I started blogging, years ago, I was amazed if 100 people came to my blog in a given week – and grateful. Becoming a blogger was eye opening and habit forming – just ask my wife, the self-professed blog widow. Today I am no longer a slave to my blog, but I have to admit that I was obsessed with it in the early days.

This weekend I passed the 200,000 visits milestone. I’d wait until I hit one million visitors to celebrate, but that might take a while to achieve. So I’m going to go ahead and briefly celebrate hitting the 200,000 mark. It seems like a big, round number – particularly for a blog about healthcare marketing. If you count syndicated views (Wellsphere, Blogger and Ning) the blog is over the half million mark.

Okay, enough celebrating. On to the next blog post. Thanks for stopping by!

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 5.13.39 PM

4 comments on “200,000 Views Milestone

  1. Congratulations Dan! Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can celebrate today!

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