Healthspot: Walk-in Kiosks for Patients

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Could consumers using kiosks to speak remotely with physicians be the future of healthcare – or at least one affordable component? The Healthspot Station is an enclosed kiosk equipped with a teleconference system, allowing patients to speak privately with a doctor on-screen. Using equipment available in the kiosk, the patient works with the physician to remotely gather health-related data such as weight, height, temperature, and blood pressure. Healthspot claims to be “the first true integration of telehealth and primary care.”

Here’s how Healthspot describes its system (Source:

Visit the HealthSpot Station for a variety of primary care conditions. HealthSpot literally gives you the tools you need to get better — integrated medical equipment and board certified doctors make your neighborhood HealthSpot Station the one-stop option for great care. And online follow-up care ensures that the end of your appointment is only the beginning of better health.

“When you use HealthSpot, you can:

  • Schedule an appointment online or simply drop by your nearest HealthSpot Station for a visit any time you need care
  • Track your medical history with secure electronic records through our website
  • Get a prescription at any convenient HealthSpot Station location and review medication instructions online
  • Sign up for online access to wellness information and follow-up care reminders.”

6 comments on “Healthspot: Walk-in Kiosks for Patients

  1. Reblogged this on Health Care Social Media Monitor and commented:
    Is this the future of healthcare?

  2. Rod Neaveill

    The biggest challenge is getting no-tech savy patients to use it. I understand the financial aspect, but unless I am missing something, this appears a bit cold and corporate.

    • Rod, I agree. It may not be for everyone, but think of the potential even if it only appeals to those who are more comfortable with technology. And in truth, it is fairly low tech – and there is an assistant on hand to get the patient started. It will be interested to see what happens. Thanks for your comment!

  3. This is really interesting. I think it’s cool to see where the kiosk manufacturers are going with things, especially with such a high demand for more technology in all aspects of life.

  4. Jill McDonald

    Just seeing this after your recent tweet, Dan. I’m thinking to myself, who’s responsible for cleaning those instruments between patients?? Ick! Even double ick! I’m sure they’ve got that double covered…but I’m curious.

    • dandunlop

      Yeah, I always have those same thoughts/questions. In this case, my understanding is that there is an attendant at the kiosk. He/She shows you in and shows you the instruments. They most likely are responsible for sanitizing everything after the patient leaves. That is my hope. Good question Jill!

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