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A Collection of Hospital Print Ads For Your Review

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 8.36.51 AMOccasionally I will post collections of print ads that I’ve gathered while traveling around the country. This particular group of ads all appeared in a recent issue of DownEast Magazine (January 2013). What’s unique about the ads I’m about to share with you is that they are all for one hospital, and they appeared on consecutive pages within the publication. They feature Mercy Hospital physicians (Portland, Maine) talking about why they chose Mercy. I’d love to know the strategy behind the ad series. My guess is there were a couple of goals: physician retention and physician recruitment. Meanwhile, the ads are positive and certainly appropriate for a consumer audience. From the consumer’s perspective, it’s good to see doctors who seem happy in their work – and happy with their place of employment. And I have to believe the doctors love the attention. Let me know what you think of the approach. My only comment about the campaign is that I wish they had done more with the photography. These are pretty typical doc shots and the campaign could have been even better with a little more attention to the photography. That said, I applaud the effort and love the strategy of placing the ads back-to-back in the publication! Here’s my usual caveat: These ads were scanned so the quality has been diminished. Take a look at the ads and let me know what you think.

Mercy ad 1
Mercy ad 2
Mercy ad 3
Mercy ad 4
Mercy ad 5
Mercy ad 6
Mercy ad 7Mercy ad 8

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