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Meet the Crouse Hospital Germinators!

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 2.43.24 PMEarlier this week I was contacted by Bob Allen, the VP of Communications at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, New York. I am grateful to Bob for sharing with me a special project that was undertaken by a small group of Crouse clinicians. Dave Martin, RN, Infection Control; Todd Olrich, CNS; Waleed Javaid, MD, Infection Control Medical Director; Mickey Lebowitz, MD, Senior Medical Quality Director; and Dennis Brown, MD, Senior Surgical Quality Director all got together and created a video titled “The Germinator.” Not only did they create the video, but they starred in it as well! As Crouse states on its website, “this team produced a ‘homemade’ video that uses music and humor to convey a very important message: Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs) are deadly serious – and Crouse Hospital is deadly serious about reducing and eliminating them.” My understanding is that the idea for the video came from the very fertile and active mind of Mickey Lebowitz, MD, who serves as senior medical quality director for Crouse Hospital.

According to Bob, employees who have seen the video love it. What more can you ask? If it’s generating talk among hospital employees, then I judge it to be a success. Congrats to the team at Crouse Hospital.

Check out the video below. Enjoy! Isn’t it cool that these clinicians took the initiative to produce this video all on their own? I applaud the initiative. For more info on the campaign, click here.

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