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The 2012 Go Green Advertising Awards

Earlier this week my friend Melinda Lucas from Healthcare Marketing Today magazine sent me an email about the Go Green Advertising Awards. This competition, recognizing creative work promoting eco-friendly products and services, is open to people in any number of industries. Melinda sent the announcement to me because there is a distinct healthcare category that hospitals and health systems can use for their entries. For years I’ve written about the healthy hospital movement and the industry’s move toward earth-friendly and patient-friendly facilities. Today we have farmer’s markets in hospitals and it’s no longer unusual to find organic foods that have been sourced locally being prepared in hospital cafeterias.

Entries in the Go Green Awards can include all media types assuming the messages are about green initiatives. The promotion of all organic, fair trade, recycled, natural, vegan or earth-friendly products or services are also accepted. Print, Radio, Video, TV, Websites, Point-Of-Purchase Displays, Billboards and many other media outlets are all acceptable, as long as they have been used to promote sustainability on some level.

Early deadline: November 30, 2012; Late deadline: December 14, 2012. Single entries are $50.00 each. Campaigns or ad series are $75.00 each. For more information, go to If you’ve got a green hospital and you promote your sustainable practices, this competition may be right for you! Below is the listing of categories. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

3 comments on “The 2012 Go Green Advertising Awards

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  2. Who are these go green awards people? Is this a real contest by an authentic group or a made up contest that takes your money and everyone wins?

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