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The Doctor’s Office. Reinvented.

I subscribe to a daily eblast about trends in NYC. The blast is called DailyCandy. Earlier this week the folks at DailyCandy sent out an HTML email promoting One Medical Group in Manhattan. The email shows a photo of a non-traditional environment that looks more like a European boutique hotel than a medical practice. But what caught my attention was the advertising copy that accompanies the image. Here’s the copy:

You exercise, moisturize, and otherwise prioritize the temple that is your body. So why do you still go to a doctor’s office that feels like a livestock car on the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Now you can say so long to that rotating roster of zombies so sleep-deprived you end up giving them health advice. One Medical Group teams you up with a primary care physician who gets to know you personally (and even answers questions by email).

The practice operates on the basic principle that your time is valuable — so appointments start on time, last longer, and are easy to book online, even for the same day. Plus, six convenient Manhattan locations provide treatment options beyond the UES.

One Medical accepts most insurance plans and provides services beyond what insurance covers, supported by an annual membership fee of $199. Right now, the group is offering DailyCandy readers 20 percent off their first year’s membership (use code DYNYX20) when they sign up by January 10, 2013. (Offer is good for new members only.)

Think of it as a health club that’s really about your health.

Join One Medical by January 10, 2013 and enter code DYNYX20 on the membership confirmation page to receive 20 percent off your first year’s annual membership fee.

One Medical is effectively differentiating itself via this well-crafted copy. There’s no reason a doctor’s office (or hospital, for that matter) should feel like a “livestock car on the Trans-Siberian Railway.” But they often do! And patients are often treated like livestock – herded around from one holding pen to another – poked and prodded without much explanation. I applaud One Medical for this brand positioning and redefinition of the medical practice. Below is a screen shot of the actual HTML ad. If you click on it you can see an enlarged version. Enjoy!

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